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EMIRACLE : Visualisation

  • The Visionair project goals.
  • In the future: the Visionair's type of services and target groups.
  • The Visionair actors.
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Visionair is a European infrastructure for high level visualisation facilities open to research communities across Europe and around the world. By integrating existing facilities, Visionair created a world-class research infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art research, thus significantly enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the European Research Area (ERA).


The Visionair project goals

Current scientific challenges concern climate evolution, environmental risks, health, energy, etc. and require the management of more and more complex information. The development of information technologies, the increasing complexity of the information to be handled and analysed, along with the increasing capacities in scientific and engineering simulations, call for the development of increasingly powerful visualisation tools and methods. The Europe Research Area must be able to compete with other big Research Areas when addressing the previously defined challenges. By integrating visualisation facilities with the Visionair project, ERA will be able to answer integrated challenges out of the scope of usually disseminated research teams.


The Visionair's type of services and target groups

Both physical access and virtual services will be provided by the infrastructure. A full access to visualisation dedicated software will be organised, while physical access on high level platforms will be partially (about 20% of global usage) open for other scientists for free on behalf of excellence of submitted projects. The partners of this project propose to build a common infrastructure that would grant access to high level visualisation facilities and resources to researchers. Indeed, researchers from Europe and from around the world will be welcome to carry out research projects using the visualisation facilities provided by the infrastructure. Visibility and attractiveness of ERA will be increased by the invitation of external projects.


Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update February 17, 2016

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