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Partner Club


If you are:

·         Using visualisation and interaction facilities in your daily activities or

·         Doing research about visualisation or interaction facilities or

·         Selling software or hardware solutions for visualisation or interaction facilities

You have an interest
to become partner of the VISIONAIR Infrastructure.



The VISIONAIR European Infrastructure has created an associate partner club with 4 categories:

·     1 - Users: You are using or you want to use visualisation or interaction facilities

·     2 - Researchers: You are doing research in visualisation or interaction facilities

·     3 - Industry members: You offer industrial equipment or software for visualisation or interaction facilities

·     4 - Infrastructure representatives

Each associate partner:

·     -    Receive uppermost information about VISIONAIR

·     -    Is invited to reply to the open call of the VISIONAIR Infrastructure

·     -    Is invited every 6 months for a special event

·     -    Get access to a specific forum for asking request on visualisation

·     -    Participate in a special partner day during the General Assembly, with a special possibility of stand for the category "Sellers"

·     -    Is Be listed as partner on the "Associate Partner Club" page of our web site, with a possibility to include a link to your web site

·     -    Is a possible partner for joint research activities

To become a member of the VISIONAIR Partner Club, visit the specific Website


Written by Caroline Leonard

Date of update March 2, 2016

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