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Innovation Management

ECQA offers, amongst others, the Innovation Manager Training, for which some members of EMIRAcle are trainers.

As industrial organisations are facing increasing innovation pressure, effective innovation management has become indispensable for them, and requires dedicated job roles with specific competencies and skills. Due to the importance of the subject, attempts to define, train and certify these competencies have become frequent.

EMIRAcle proposes tailored Innovation Management classroom and e-Learning Trainings for all the elments of A.T. Kearney's House of Innovation.

A.T. Kearney House of Innovation

These trainings are based on the well-established ECQA Certified Innovation Manager Training and Certification Program.

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update December 14, 2012

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EU support

Innovation Manager was supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci programme
"Pilot Action"



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