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Network of Laboratories
Network of Laboratories

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European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association, a cluster leading excellence

EMIRAcle is an association of 17 leading research laboratories, companies and government institutions in 10 different countries. Their common mission is to act as a collaboration partner for European Product Development Enterprises in Manufacturing and Innovation research, with the goal of maintaining and improving their leading positions worldwide by increasing their productivity and innovation power.

To this end, EMIRAcle offers its collective expertise, mainly in  the form of services but also machines and software tools, targeted to 2 different groups:

  • The Full Member : academia, to expand the number of research labs in the association and to complement its excellence, or industrial partners
  • The Associated Member : government, to support regional development, and to provide local and immediate access to international  expertise to MEs as well as to large enterprises in product development and  manufacturing; and enterprises of any size, to serve as customers, collaboration partners, and association members.

We have taken the unique step of integrating our distributed multinational expertise at a one-stop address that offers a multitude of services, thus providing an opening to an international research community and direct access to the employees of the future.

Carte EMIRAcle 2016


How can you benefit from our services?

You can profit from our services in different forms: as a  Full Member or an Associated Member of our association. Our ultimate aim is to enter into long-term relationships with our members. Nevertheless, our offer is in no way restricted by this aim. Depending on the specific requirements of your projects, your preferences and your national presence, we will find the most suitable form of collaboration. The range of possibilities spans from internships over co-tutored theses to project-focused and long-term research contracts.


The most efficient way to contact us is via our office based in Grenoble, France and attached to the Grenoble Institute of Technology. Our office staff will put you in contact with the appropriate members and will act as your contact point for all administrative issues. Of course, you can also establish collaboration via our association's representative in your country, who will, together with the EMIRAcle office, consult with you on the possibility and feasibility of involving other association members in your request. In any case, you will enjoy the advantage of having the expertise of the entire association at your disposal via a single contact point!

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update September 2, 2016



Head office:
   Chez Delegation Generale Rhône-Alpes,
   62 Rue du Trône, Boite 6
   B1050 Brussels, Belgique
Administration Office:
   46 Avenue Félix Viallet, 
   38031 Grenoble Cedex 1, France
Tel : (33) 476824644 -  Fax : (33) 476574695
Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes