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EMIRACLE : Interaction Facilities

The infrastructure is providing access to collaborative environments for scientific research. The main goals is to support the use of the services offered by the institutions for research projects at transnational level.

The ACE (Augmented Collaborative Environments) infrastructure is build around the need for researchers, to mutualize their expertise and work power in order to take up contemporary challenges: sustainable development, climate changes, healthcare,novel product development processes.... Great scientific breakthroughs are often invoked in teamwork, and the complexity of scientific problems call for a deep collaboration between scientists.

This observation is true for research inside well defined communities but also for interdisciplinary work. Distinct scientific communities will to fosters their knowledge and competencies on common artefacts that do not belong to one sole scientific field but cross the frontiers of disciplinary work. This work package aims at providing collaborative environments for researchers of various communities, as we claim that direct human interaction are as much valuable as mediated interaction. Visualization must be considered as a key point for mutual understanding and ability to share scientific data and representations, in a synchronous manner.

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update March 2, 2016

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