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EMIRAcle: Idea2Enterprise

The I2E project aims at delivering to innovative young minds the qualification to turn their product and service ideas into an enterprise in a successful and sustainable manner. From Idea to Enterprise project is built on the ECQA Certified Researcher-Entrepreneur training and certification program. The ResEUr training and certification program covers all the key aspects that are associated with essential considerations upfront the process of the creation of a new enterprise, as well as with boosting the innovation power of existing companies.

The aim is to transfer this program to Czech Republic, Cyprus,Italy and Portugal in order to:
  • support initial and continuous training of VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institution managers. The Train-the-trainer events will be organized for trainers and tutors from all the partner countries (at least 18 trainers  certified). Pilot trainings will take place in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal for minimum 100 trainees.
  • increase transparency and recognition of competencies and qualifications The clearly defined skill set, the transparency and recognition of qualifications and competencies will be improved by having one European certification for the ResEUr program.
  • improve quality assurance systems in VET Project results will comply with existing ECQA quality requirements, quality monitoring is assured.

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Written by Serge Tichkiewitch

Date of update February 17, 2016

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EU Support

Idea2Enterprise is supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci programme
"Transfer of Innovation"



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