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EMIRACLE : Functional Safety

Safety becomes more and more important in several industrial domains. The new safety standard ISO 26262 which has specifically been developed for automotive domain, clearly shows this. ISO 26262, which has finally been published in November 2011, defines more than 400 requirements that have to be fulfilled in every new safety-related automotive project. Knowledge on the safety standard is required by all project members. And the question is how the knowledge, methods, techniques listed in the new standard can be transfered into every project. Safety experts with deep knowledge and most desirable with lots of experience in either IEC 61508 (the generic safety standard) or in ISO 26262 are in high demand in Europe and worldwide.


Within the Europe-wide established framework of the ECQA, a new project called SafEUr - Cerified Functional Safety Manager - with six partners coming from five European countries started in November 2011.

The goal of SafEUr is to develop a Europe-wide agreed syllabus and skills set for a Certified Functional Safety Manager with a clear focus on practice. The need for qualified safety personnel is obvious. The need for a commonly agreed skills set becomes clear, if one looks at the content of all the different trainings offered nowadays with respect to safety.


SafEUr Skill Card



Training material around practical case studies has been created for the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Functional Safety Management
  • Management of Functional Safety
  • Engineering aspects of Functional Safety
  • Legal aspects of Safety
  • Safety on Product Level

More information can be found on the SafEUr Homepage.

Our Partners:

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Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update February 17, 2016

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EU support

SafEUr is supported
by the European Commission
under the Leonardo da Vinci programme
"Multilateral projects for Development of Innovation"



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