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46 avenue Félix Viallet F38000 Grenoble

EMIRAcle want to thank all the people who took part in the realization of this Internet site.

Project Management : EMIRAcle
Project Owner (MOA) : EMIRAcle
Project Supervisor (MOE) : Grenoble INP - Service Communication

Analyse and Design conception: Grenoble INP - Service Communication

Software Solution
Ksup from Kosmos Editor, 8 rue Kervégan
44000 Nantes - Phone : 02 40 20 47 95

- Ergonomie and browsing: Grenoble INP - Service Communication
- Creation of the graphic charter  : Grenoble INP - Service Communication - Découpage CSS, integration : EMIRAcle
- Editorial content : EMIRAcle

Phots Credits:
Illustration : STI Bangkok, Andreas Riel, Serge Tichkiewitch, Amy Songsakul, University of Twente, Guetty Image

Written by Serge Tichkiewitch

Date of update April 23, 2012

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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