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The regulation forces the public services to make available their Internet sites to the handicaps. Beyond answering the best possible one this requirement, EMIRAcle want to be precursor by doing survey in this field and making the necessary improvements to his Internet site and Intranet.

Desactivation/suppression of the page layout

That is the result of the separation of the contents and the page layout and the respect of standards W3C like technologies (X)HTML1.0 and CS 2.0. Any user can remove the page layout (to decontaminate CS) by preserving a strong legibility.


Size on the screen

The texts of the sites of Grenoble INP are expeandable  according to the needs.

To modify the size of the text in the screen:

  • With various browsers:: Ctrl + wheel of the mouse

  • Internet Explorer: Display >> Size of the text and choose

  • Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape: Ctrl + + to increase and Ctrl + - to decrease

  • Opera: press on the keys about numeric keypad. Or Display >> Zoom and choose

Assistances with navigation

Links of avoidance

Put just at the beginning of the document, these links give access directly the required part: the contents, the menu.

These links facilitate the access to the site for the handicapped people and in particular the blind people: they make it possible to be placed directly at the desired place.

Navigation by tabulation
Select Tab and repeat until reaching the wished link. Validate with Return


  • s = Go directly to the content
  • m = Go to the menu
  • 0 = Accessibilty policy (this page)
  • 1 = Go to Home
  • 3 = Go to Site Map
  • 4 = Go to the research engine

Direction for use:

  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox on Windows: Press simultaneously on the key Shift and Alt, and on one of the accesskey of the keyboard (not numeric keypad). You will go directly to the desired place. Note: on a keyboard of the type QWERTY or QWERTZ (German), the Shift key is useless to start the accesskey
  • Internet Explorer 6/7 on Windows: Press simultaneously on the key Alt and on one of the accesskey of the keyboard (not numeric keypad) and then press on the Entry key to return to you to the desired place.
  • Opera 7 on Windows, Macintosh and Linux: Esc + Shift and accesskey
  • Safari 1.2 on Macintosh: Ctrl and accesskey
  • Mozilla and Netscape on Macintosh: Ctrl and accesskey

Written by Serge Tichkiewitch

Date of update February 17, 2016



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