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  • Teach the teachers for 24h of innovation in Thailand!
  • Arts et Metiers ParisTech, EMIRAcle member, organizes the 16th CIRP Conference on Modeling of Machining Operations
  • Auto Universe (AQU) Project Meeting in Bray, Ireland
  • AQUA lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf


Emiracle : Research


Emiracle : Infrastructure

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update August 26, 2017



Head office:
   Chez Delegation Generale Rhône-Alpes,
   62 Rue du Trône, Boite 6
   B1050 Brussels, Belgique
Administration Office:
   46 Avenue Félix Viallet, 
   38031 Grenoble Cedex 1, France
Tel : (33) 476824644 -  Fax : (33) 476574695
Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes